Serbia is a landlocked country located at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe. Most of you probably didn’t expect that Serbia is a beautiful country.  Well, there are lots of things you don’t know about Serbia. And in this blog we are going to share some of the wonderful spots in Serbia that are worth your visit.


Belgrade is one of the beautiful cities in Serbia with elegant, vibrant, and unmistakably darling café culture. A stroll along the pedestrianized Knez Mihailova Street meanders past elegant 19th century neoclassical buildings with the best view of shops, bars, and restaurants.


Subsequent to looking at the morning food marketing Masarikov Trg, it merits a stroll to the head of the town to Gardoš Tower. Built by the Hungarians in 1896, it remains to be an artistic view up until today.

Here is a tip: You can actually climb the pinnacle for clearing perspectives on Zemun, Belgrade and the Danube. You can also go to the riverside Kej Oslobođenja, which has a bewildering number of waterside eateries and bars. Grocery store Talas is a decent lunch stop whose varied menu traverses the Mediterranean just as the Serbian inside.


If you want to catch a taste of Hungarian food, you better be at Subotica. The Hungarian flavor in this town can be savored in everything. There are paprika-laden cuisines in the restaurants and this should not come as a surprise considering the size of the Hungarian population.

Kopaonik National Park

During winter Serbs offers the best place for skiing. So if you happen to visit Serbia in the winter, you better prepare yourself for skiing or snowboarding.

Ravni Kopaonik is the main ski center with an altitude of 5,577 feet and the highest station, Pančićev vrh, at 6,614 feet. There are also 11 kilometers of cross-country ski trails.

Here is a tip. Bring your camera when you visit this place. You don’t want to miss the awe-inspiring views of the Serbian slopes that are covered with dazzling snow. Views of the slopes can be enjoyed from the À la carte Restaurant Garden, which s part of the Grand Hotel located in the center of the ski resort.

Tara National Park

Tara National Park is a great destination for families who want to experience a truly dramatic wilderness. Tourists can explore the mountains and gorges of this wonderful spot. It features nearly 5,000 feet of hills and karst landscape and a home of 53 species of mammals.a

For truly dramatic wilderness, visitors can explore the mountains and gorges of Tara National Park, where the Drina River forms a natural border with Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In this unspoiled karst landscape, spruce, birch, pine and juniper forests cover hills that soar up to nearly 5,000 feet.

It’s also home to 53 species of mammals and 153 species of birds, while the bear, chamois and roe deer that inhabit the nature reserve park are protected by law.