Netherlands is the home of Amsterdam, the city famous for its amazing array of tulips. Who doesn’t love tulips? Well, if you are touring to this wonderful country it is important that you find a great accommodation to make your stay memorable. Here are some of the best hotels you can stay in the Netherlands.

Hotel Okura Amsterdam

If you are visiting Amsterdam, you can stay at Hotel Okura. This hotel is a 23-storey building that towers over low-rise Amsterdam and is a quick access point to many tourist spots in the city.  We have always loved the warmly polite service of its staff and the cozy rooms. The surroundings of the hotel are admirable which make it a good idea to snap a photo here.

Breitner House

 Breitner House was once a 19th-century old house of a famous Dutch artist but now turned into a stylish hotel. You cannot even tell its age by simply judging its contemporary refurbishments. The hotel is famous for the genuine warmth and charm it gives to both locals and tourists. You need to try its champagne breakfast which is extremely sumptuous. It is a walking distance to the tram so if you planned on accessing the latter more often, this hotel would be a great choice.

The Craftsman

Located at the end of Singel, one of Amsterdam’s main canals, The Craftsman probably offers one of the most iconic views in the country. In fact, it has a more tranquil and quieter ambiance than any other hotel in the same location. The Craftsman is a 17th-old building turned into a fabulous boutique hotel. Since it is family run, you can feel the warmth welcome it offers to tired tourists. It is also just a walking distance to the main museums on Muesuemplein in case you want to go sightseeing.

Ambassade Hotel

Ambassade Hotel has always been a go-to hotel for Dutch publishers and a favorite for authors.  It is located in the heart of town and has a friendly ambiance. What makes Ambassade Hotel more unique is that it has more conviviality of a mansion than the hauteur of a hotel. This makes it a great getaway for families looking for a grand vacation experience.  The rooms come in different sizes and shapes. You will love the antique furniture varnished with maple finish. Everything in its interior is very admirable. You’ll definitely love this hotel.