Best Hotels in Netherlands

Netherlands is the home of Amsterdam, the city famous for its amazing array of tulips. Who doesn’t love tulips? Well, if you are touring to this wonderful country it is important that you find a great accommodation to make your stay memorable. Here are some of the best hotels you can stay in the Netherlands.

Hotel Okura Amsterdam

If you are visiting Amsterdam, you can stay at Hotel Okura. This hotel is a 23-storey building that towers over low-rise Amsterdam and is a quick access point to many tourist spots in the city.  We have always loved the warmly polite service of its staff and the cozy rooms. The surroundings of the hotel are admirable which make it a good idea to snap a photo here.

Breitner House

 Breitner House was once a 19th-century old house of a famous Dutch artist but now turned into a stylish hotel. You cannot even tell its age by simply judging its contemporary refurbishments. The hotel is famous for the genuine warmth and charm it gives to both locals and tourists. You need to try its champagne breakfast which is extremely sumptuous. It is a walking distance to the tram so if you planned on accessing the latter more often, this hotel would be a great choice.

The Craftsman

Located at the end of Singel, one of Amsterdam’s main canals, The Craftsman probably offers one of the most iconic views in the country. In fact, it has a more tranquil and quieter ambiance than any other hotel in the same location. The Craftsman is a 17th-old building turned into a fabulous boutique hotel. Since it is family run, you can feel the warmth welcome it offers to tired tourists. It is also just a walking distance to the main museums on Muesuemplein in case you want to go sightseeing.

Ambassade Hotel

Ambassade Hotel has always been a go-to hotel for Dutch publishers and a favorite for authors.  It is located in the heart of town and has a friendly ambiance. What makes Ambassade Hotel more unique is that it has more conviviality of a mansion than the hauteur of a hotel. This makes it a great getaway for families looking for a grand vacation experience.  The rooms come in different sizes and shapes. You will love the antique furniture varnished with maple finish. Everything in its interior is very admirable. You’ll definitely love this hotel.

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10 Essential Traveling Tips for Costa Rica

Contrary to a lot of myths Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful and most expensive countries to travel in Central America. That being, it is still possible to tour around the country on a tight budget. So if you are planning to travel without breaking your pocket and skimping the fun vibe you need to follow these tips.

You can book a tour later

Contradictory to everything you’ve learned about trip planning you don’t have to book early when going to Costa Rica. As you see, big tour companies can easily put websites on the internet and offer discounts to hook tourists. Subsequently you will think that this is the best offer you can get but wait. You can actually contact local hotels and make direct bookings. You can even ask them if they know of tour companies who can offer a cheaper rate and you will be surprised with what you’ll find out.

 Renting a car

Renting a car and driving around the city will give you a better experience and more luxury of time than going with tour companies. For example, a tour from San Jose to La Fortuna to see the volcano and relax in a hot spring would cost $130.  A cheaper way is to rent a car and enjoy the view at your own pace while driving to La Fortuna. Visit some local hot springs for only $12 and eat dinner in local places for only $10 a meal.


You can haggle

Booking with small tour companies gives you a chance to ask for discounts. Lucky for you Costa Ricans do not like confrontation and would prefer giving reasonable discounts instead of being declined by tourists. Sometimes they would offer a cheaper price so long as you take your business like meals elsewhere. You can take this offer and dine in a local place of your choice. You can still save this way.

 Eat at the Sodas

No, these are not soda drinks. Soda is the term that refers to local food spots. Most of the stalls here don’t look so fancy but their food is really good and cheap.  Most meals usually cost around $5 and it already includes rice, beans, salad, and a piece of graciously cooked meat.

 Bring your own alcohol

Alcohol in Costa Rica is really expensive. So if you want to have a good drinking spree after your day tour, make sure you bring your own alcohol. In fact, you can carry with you as much as 5 liters of alcohol so long as you don’t mind the hassle. If you insist on buying alcohol in Costa Rica, we suggest that you go to mini-stores rather than supermarkets. Surprisingly smaller stores have cheaper alcohol than their bigger counterparts. You can also purchase alcohol from duty-free shops upon arrival in the airport.

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Costa Rica is Beautiful – See For Yourself

Costa Rica brings quite a spectacle of natural diversity from lush green rainforests, mesmerizing beaches, splendid coastline, to active volcanoes. The best places to visit in Costa Rica are some of the best places in the world. If you are in Costa Rica, then you should not miss visiting these places that are listed below:

Corcovado National Park & Drake Bay

This place is one of the best attractions in Costa Rica for nature lovers. Located on the gorgeous Osa Peninsula, Corcovado National Park is one of the most attractive places to visit. For tourists, especially hikers, this is a place where they can enjoy hiking at great mountain heights. So, all those who love soaring to heights must-visit Corcovado National Park & Drake Bay to experience a high.

Manuel Antonio

When it comes to discovering and exploring the rainforests, Manuel Antonio is the best place to go. Besides greenery, you can discover a beautiful beach nearby that will make your trip remarkable. You also can give a try at beach activities here because that will be the fun and experience you have been craving for. Booking a hotel room near Manuel Antonio is could be a great decision to make as you get to enjoy the amazing sight of your hotel room.

Arenal Volcano National Park and La Fortuna

It’s a volcano. Believe it or not, a volcano can, in fact, be just one of the very best places to go in Costa Rica. Make your visit to La Fortuna, a small town in Costa Rica where you can obtain a view of active volcanoes. The place is famously understood for its large beauty that will certainly leave you awestruck and make you wish to check out the place over and over.

Tamarindo, Playa Langosta & Playa Grande

Being just one of the most prominent and finest places to go to in Costa Rica, Tamarindo and its surrounding coastlines situated along the north Pacific Coast is the most impressive place to go to. The crystal clear blue-green water, as well as excellent climate, are what you can delight in at this place. It’s a certainty to relax your body and mind. The calming atmosphere has made it a prime option of holidays for families and honeymooners. Besides appreciating your trip with unique views and also fresh air, remember to prepare some exterior activities to make your journey memorable.

Conchal Beach

The coastline is surrounded by crystal-clear blue water and also white sand. Both youngsters, as well as adults, can walk along the beach choosing all the coverings on the white sand. That is exactly what has actually offered the coastline its name.

Also, if you want to stay close to the beach, there is no other better picturesque beach than Conchal Beach—Shell Beach in Costa Rica. Various luxury accommodations are available here, especially designed for tourists to make their visit an unforgettable one.

Popular Foods in Costa Rica

  • Gallo Pinto
  • Casado
  • Tamal
  • Arroz con Leche
  • Sopa Negra
  • Olla de Carne
  • Chifrijo
  • Patacones
  • Flan


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Take a Mediterranean Cruise!

When you cruise the Mediterranean, it gives you a chance to visit different countries and soak in different cultures in a short period of time.

The core season is April through October, although some ships still offer winter sun trips for visitors. Prices skyrocket in July and August when European schools are on vacation, and cruises get really busy during this period. The main ports where cruises begin and end are Genoa, Barcelona, Civitavecchia, and Southampton; however, some lines give passengers the chance to join and leave at any other port on the route, therefore making Mediterranean cruises diverse and flexible.

Types of Mediterranean Cruise

Cruising in the Mediterranean offers many choices and the main ones for travelers:

  1. 7-night Central Mediterranean cruises: These are typically circular routes calling on similar ports over the summer. The itinerary usually calls on different places in Southern France, Balearic Islands, Italy, Sicily, Malta or Tunisia. These routes enable passengers to join and leave at ports closest to their specific destination.
  2. 7-night Eastern Mediterranean cruises: These operate to and from Venice mostly, and visit places in Croatia, Greece, Montenegro, Turkey, and Crete, although some will go through the base of Italy and go to destinations in Sicily and Italy.
  3. 7-night Greek islands and Turkey: These cruises sail out of ports like Athens and explore a good number of Greek islands as well as different ports in Turkey.
  4. 12 to 14-night Mediterranean cruises from ports in the United Kingdom or Northern Europe: These trips are often longer because it takes a number of sea days to get into the Mediterranean and this involves stops in France, Portugal, and Gibraltar. Certain lines like, Royal Caribbean, and Cunard offer this type of cruise.
  5. 14-night or more Repositioning cruises from ports in the United States: At the beginning and end of the Mediterranean season, majority of the cruise lines move their ships to places with warmer climates like the Caribbean and South America. These cruise lines combine the Atlantic crossing with time in the Mediterranean region, i.e. travelers coming from those regions have to experience just one long haul when cruising in this region.


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The 5 Most Romantic Places For Couples in California

California is the perfect destination for a romantic city break! With white sandy beaches and jaw-dropping sunsets, there is no doubt that California is at the top of everyone’s list when it comes to romantic places. Whether you want a beach retreat or a wine getaway, these amazing destinations in California are perfect for couples to relax and connect. So pack your bags as fast as you can to visit these California destinations with your special someone.

Big Sur – If you want to getaway with your loved one from the hustle and bustle of the city, Big Sur is the perfect place for you! Located 30 miles south of Monterey, this place offers a diverse backdrop, from towering redwood forests to oceanfront bluffs. The little known town includes top of the line resorts, nature lodges, and the riverside campgrounds. The town also offers numerous art galleries, as well as spas and gourmet restaurants. This is the perfect romantic destination in the California!


 The small town located near to Los Angeles, Malibu offers world class restaurants and world famous breathtaking beaches. Whether you and your partner are looking to surf, hike, relax on the beach side, or wants to eat the delicious food, there are a number of activities you can enjoy with your special someone in Malibu to make a date weekend out of.

Napa Valley

 Located approximately 50 miles in the north of San Francisco, this is one of the romantic places in the California. The famous region offers close to 400 wineries, many of which feature wine tasting and vineyard tours. Roosted along grape-secured slopes, residential communities like St. Helena and Calistoga fill the valley with various spas and informal lodging motels.

San Diego 

Have you experienced San Diego? If you have not come yet, let’s travel to San Diego with our loved one now! The beautiful city is basically the climax of everything that makes California incredible. Filled with beautiful beaches, immense surf, remarkable restaurants, enjoyable nightlife, and polite locals. In conclusion, San Diego is worth named in top best places in California for couples.

Santa Barbara – The small city is located 95 miles from the north of Los Angeles. Spanish Colonial engineering rules the cityscape, including the ridge mission, furnished with a way lined rose garden. Wonderful weather, stunning buildings, tremendous bars, restaurants, and eateries, and exercises for all tastes make Santa Barbara a great place visit with your partner in Southern California.

With the above list of 5 romantic places to visit in California, we hope your bags are packed and ready to visit these romantic cities with your loved one for a memorable vacation!

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Top Free Things To Do In Las Vegas 2018

Are you planning a trip to Las Vegas on a tight budget? Not an issue! The Vegas Strip packed with restaurants, shops, casinos, and adventures in every corner. With so many bright things to do, it can be hard to decide on how to spend a vacation. There are many free things to do in Las Vegas for those who are traveling on a tight budget. Check out some of these free things on your next trip to Las Vegas.

The Bellagio Fountains

Probably one of the most iconic attractions in Las Vegas, also the free things to do on the Strip is to enjoy the Bellagio Fountains show. More than a thousand fountains dance in front of the hotel, improved by music and light. The presentation traverses in excess of 1,000 feet with water, taking off as high as 460 feet into the air. Travelers can enjoy the show every day Monday to Friday 3PM-8PM after every 15 Min and 8 PM to Midnight, also on Saturday to Sunday after 1 and half hour 12 PM- 8 PM, after that every 15 Min 8 PM to Midnight.

Mirage Hotel Volcano

If you are looking for free things to do in the Las Vegas, a trip to the Mirage Hotel Volcano is a must to watch Mirage Volcano. Packed with a punch with massive explosions, fireballs, and a soundtrack from the Indian table sensation Zakir Hussain and The obliged Dead’s Mickey Hart. Enjoy fire shooter and a lagoon that shot flames more than 12 feet in the air every day from 7 P.M to 11 P.M after every half hour.

Circus Circus Hotel Circus Acts

Traveling with kids to the Las Vegas Strip? There are no better things to do with kids than enjoying a world’s largest permanent Circus show for free at the Circus Acts. A unique mixture of brilliant world-class circus performers that amaze and amuse guests on the Midway Stage. Find juggling, gymnasts, outrageous trapeze specialists, human pyramids and additional circus act under Circus Circus’ 90-foot tall Big Top.

Fremont Street of dreams

The second most famous street in the Las Vegas, located in the heart of downtown, Fremont Street is home to Viva Vision- the most massive LED video screen in the world. Visitors can enjoy the free concerts, events and roaming street performers throughout the year! If you are in Vegas with kids, then this place is not for you, because of its adult elements. Fremont Street is also a place for the world-famous casinos include Binion’s, Fremont Hotel and Casino, Four Queens, Golden Gate Hotel and many more.

Wynn Hotel fountain of dreams

Lake of Dreams is a free demonstrate that runs daily every half hour starting at 8 pm. The show incorporates a 40-foot cascade with music and amazing symbolism made by more than four thousand lights, dazzling holographic, and display. Make sure to pay a visit to the Wynn Hotel Fountain of dreams to enjoy the show!

Go For a Hike

If you love hiking, explore the Red Rock Canyon hike located a short distance from the Las Vegas Strip! Also, the right place to enjoy a picnic with family and to view plant and animal life.

Fall of Atlantis Fountain Show

One of the most popular free attractions in Las Vegas, located next to the Cheesecake factory in the heart of the Forum Shops inside the Caesars Palace Resort, if you are traveling with children a visit to Fall of Atlantis Fountain Show is a must! It describes the fantasy of the Atlantis utilizes rather amazing Animatronic figures, and in addition, water, fire, haze, and laser impacts. The show portrays how King Atlas couldn’t choose which one of his youngsters to delegate a heir. The show starts daily at 11 A.M. to 10 P.M.

Enjoy the Free 3D movie in M&M World

For Chocolate lovers, a stopover at the M&M World is a must during your trip to Las Vegas! Located next to the MGM Grand hotel, their four-level store is full of color and wonderment. Enjoy the free 3D movie, which is approximately ten minutes long “I Lost My M in Vegas” best for all age group travelers.

Las Vegas Welcome Sign

One of the most popular tourist sights in the Vegas is the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada,” the 25-foot-tall sign is situated in the middle at 5100 Las Vegas Boulevard South. You can’t leave Vegas without taking a picture with the iconic sign!

This list of free things to do in the Las Vegas is endless, but with the things mentioned above to do on the Strip is enough to plan your trip on a tight budget. Make sure to also pay a visit to other famous attractions include Hershey’s Chocolate World, Carnival Court at Harrah’s, Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens, take a photo with a million dollars, Venetian Streetmosphere and more! So what are you waiting for? Pack your luggage and come for a visit – you won’t be repentant it.

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Thailand – A Beautiful Country All Year Round

Thailand is one of the most visited tourist places in South East Asia. Thailand is best known for its energetic nightlife, exotic beaches, beautiful temples, waterfalls & much more. Whether you are planning a trip to Thailand with friends or family the country has a lot to offer for travelers of different age groups.

It would take a couple of months to explore all the beautiful attractions & hot places of Thailand, so we have covered some of the best most visited tourist places and things to do in Thailand.  Many of these we visited when we celebrated 10 years of owning our own business (Mesa Towing Services).  It will be a lifetime of memories to cherish.  With our list, you can explore all the popular tourist attractions.

The Grand Palace, Bangkok

A visit to Thailand is not complete without paying a visit to the Grand Palace of Bangkok. Located in the old city of Bangkok on the banks of the Chao Phraya waterway The Grand Palace is one of the must-visit tourist attraction of Thailand. It offers a pleasant setting, flawless to take amazing photos. The celebrated fascination in the region is the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, which is located to one side when you enter from the primary Visetchaisri Gate. The Visiting hours to The Grand Palace is daily from 8:30 am to 4.30 pm & the entrance ticket is around US$16!


Phuket is Thailand’s most popular tourist spot famous for clear water beaches, cheap accommodation, islands and many more. Phuket additionally famous for its energetic nightlife, which incorporates loads of bars, men’s club shows, and music. If you want to relax on the beach side, then this location is perfect for you. The popular spots of Phuket are Koh Phi Phi, Phang Nga Bay, and Patong Beach. You can also enjoy the Scuba diving, Snorkeling, Windsurfing & more activities here.


A visit to Pattaya is must discover the beaches beside the bay of Thailand. If you are visiting Thailand with your friends, then Pattaya has lots to offer, including tons of bars and strip clubs but if you are not a party lover or traveling with family you’ll still find a number of things to do and see. There are a number of water sports and seaside massages are available at Jomtien Beach.

Chaing Rai or A White Temple 

The White Temple is the most beautiful temple you have ever seen.  The architecture and design of this breathtaking temple were created by Thai national artist Ajarn Chalermchai Kositpipat. A visit to Chiang Rai White Temple or Wat Rong Khun is a must. The White temple is located 15 kilometers Southwest f Chiang Rai town and transports are easily available. The temple is open from 6:30 AM to 6 PM and the entry ticket to the temple is around 50 Baht. The photography outside the temple is allowed, but you are not allowed to take photographs inside the temple.

Sukhothai Historical Park 

If you’re looking for an authentic Thai culture and are wanting a knowledge of Thailand’s interesting history, visit the magnificent and remarkable Sukhothai Historical Park. Sukhothai Park is one of Thailand’s most fascinating world heritage sites, it is divided into 5 zones, Northern Zone, Central zone, Eastern zone, Southern & Western zone. The best way to explore the ruins is through a rented bicycle.

5 Best Things to do in a Thailand

There are plenty of things to do in Thailand. We have shortlisted the 5 best things to do in Thailand for every age of traveler. Have a look below and see what sparks your interest-

  • Eating Thai Street Food
  • Enjoy Vibrant Nightlife in Phuket
  • Bamboo Rafting in Chaing Mai
  • Rock Climbing in a Railay
  • Cheap Shopping in Chaing Mai

With our 5 best places to visit and things to do in Thailand is enough to plan your trip. So what do you think? Are you all set to pack your bags for your first vacation to Thailand?

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